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Welcome to#TalksDaily. A digital series where we chat with industry insiders and tastemakers to reveal their seasonal essentials and trend predictions. This week, we chatted with a Pro Makeup Artist;@isabelyrosado as she shares her beauty must-haves and tips to nail the perfect day to night glam. As a makeup artist, Rosado centers her creativity with makeup through moods. She’s influenced your fav editorial and high-end makeup looks via social media and we can't get enough! Follow along as she reveals beauty products she swears by!

Courtney of Kristen Jones

Born in Brooklyn, this New York pro makeup artist journey was a recurring effect. While in college Rosado, started exploring her passion into what now is her career. Post graduation, enrolling in makeup school was just the start. Following a knowledgeable time at MAC, she had the opportunity to meet people globally, such as; her mentor Katie Jane Hughes. Diving into the industry, as an assistant. Her first fashion show was just the beginning. Dedicating timeless roles, assisting renowned artists full time, on set and fashion shows for many years. Rosado met other creatives such as; hair stylist and photographers. Since, she began to build a notable name for herself working with clients such as; Hill House Home, Moda Operandi, Levis, TeenVogue, NY Magazine. Also, alongside the team for Elle Mexico cover for the month of May 2022.



TALKS DAILY: Give us the details and Inspo behind this look.

ISABEL ROSADO: If I am honest, my creativity is centered through mood. What is happening in the room at the moment, the “vibe”, color, the air, it really is heavily involved with everyone. It’s emotional. Rebekah Calo, the hairstylist who created this awesome wig, began to shape the swooped shaped bang on Lauren (model's) face and textured the sideburn. At first, it was giving Twiggy since the model already had a previous look with top and bottom lashes. During shoots, we will do one look, and build from there. I initially started with the pink flushed blush. Chris, the stylist showed me the choker, Sam mentioned we would be shooting on a pastel blue background. I pushed myself to make this look a little different, fun, unexpected and. Our "60s Mod Peter Pan Tinkerbell" was born. Once we walked to set, and shot the first image...It felt right!



Easy and healthy looking skin is what has influenced this summer trend. Exploring different textures and shades of blush. I’ve been seeing variations of pinks, and it's so refreshing. I find that most people find pink scary, and I love how we are embracing this shade of blush more. It’s truly gorgeous and makes you look and feel FRESH!


Rosy Glow Blush



Shade & Illuminate



Baume Essentiel in “Sculpting”



Eye Pencil




1. Use a mist to refresh the day look, I love Tower 28 Spray It's perfect for all skin types. A mist helps you get in the mood to start and helps to settle skin.

2. Next, use micellar water such as Bioderma with a cotton bud to roughly remove makeup mainly in the t zone such as in between eyebrows, under eyes, around nose, and chin. Refresh by using concealer in those areas. This is an instantaneous part of the refresh.

3. To transition to night, it depends on the person's style. A few options could be a bold red lip which goes with EVERYTHING, it's a classic choice, and makes everything feel super elegant.

If you are an eye person, use an eye kohl around the lash line, smudge and blend using a brush or finger for a quick smokey eye. If you’d like to elevate this, use your favorite sparkly shadow, dab a bit on center of eye and end with loads of mascara. And lastly, if you are a minimalist, and aren’t a lip or eye person. You can amplify your mascara, and go for textures on skin such as a hype gloss cheek and glossy lips!

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