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Welcome to#TalksDaily. A digital series where we chat with industry insiders and tastemakers to reveal their seasonal essentials and trend predictions. This week, we chatted with Artist Wallace A; as he shares his embarking transformation journey, turning the past 11 months into a deeper meaning by curating the single “11” showcasing his process throughout this time. Here are his essential items he had on standby during the process.

Courtney of Kristen Jones

The Artist Self-Reflection during this period shaped his future work and personal growth.


Emotional turmoil and devastation caused by the loss of his brother. Impacted the artist, leading to self-isolation in his Los Angeles apartment for 11 months. The build out of this single will be impactful for decades to come.

Through embracing solitude during times of grief, Wallace hopes individuals can find solace in self-reflection while also fostering personal growth and reconnecting with their true selves.

Artist Essentials:

Tequila With Friends

Tequila Reposado



AirPods (2nd generation)



Sports Drink Beverage, Strawberry Banana,



By locking himself away in an apartment for such an extended period of time, Wallace was able to strip away societal masks and rediscover his core essence and love for music.

TALKS DAILY: Daily routine while building the single ?

Wallace A: I had to get back in the routine of things post the loss of G. Starting my morning off with prayer, a hearty breakfast than off to the gym for my daily workout. Followed by a shower, lunch and the studio became my everyday ritual. Calls with Coby in between, truly mellows my day out, he's level headed and keeps me going.

TALKS DAILY: There's this signature cocktail we heard about...

Wallace A: Tequila 75, my go to! It's the perfect mix, well for anytime of the day.

TALKS DAILY: Favorite meal ?

Wallace A: PHO, it's a must.

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